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Geant4 (GEometry ANd Tracking) is a platform for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter. Application areas include high energy physics and nuclear experiments, medical, accelerator and space physics studies. The software is used by a number of research projects around the world.

US Geant4 Consortium Roadmap
Roadmap "US Geant4 Consortium Roadmap" (251K PDF)
Richard Mount et al., February 2009
The US-Geant4 Consortium Roadmap presents an overview of Geant4 and of the current US role in the Geant4 Collaboration. The US-Geant4 Consortium is responsible for the cross-cutting US effort contribution to the development and support of Geant4. This effort is complementary to the work within experiments to implement and support their Geant4-based simulations. The roadmap lays out the goals that the consortium hopes to achieve over the period from now until 2013 and provides a context within which specific funding proposals can be made to the appropriate US funding agencies.

Contact: Richard Mount,
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